Never Mess With Philly Sports, Sergio Garcia's "Fried Chicken" Comment Brings Rough Justice (YouTube Video)

OK so for the official record, Philadelphia sports fans booed Santa Claus and threw snowballs at the little red draped fat man.  That was at the 0ld Veterans Stadium where those of us who sat in the 700 level, better known as the place where if you drank too much you’d get your ass kicked, would watch the worst of the worst in Philadelphia sports actions.

There were some great fights.

This is the same city where Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the currently much maligned Philadelphia Eagles, attempted to eliminate hoagies from the menu of the team’s new stadium in deference to sushi rolls, vegetable sandwich wraps and the crap they sell at locations here in California.  Thinking that people in the City of Brotherly would show much love for that…well crap.

OK let’s get this correct.  Sushi is served at a real restaurant.  I want sushi,I’m going to Nobu.  Any location.  Not at a football game.

Bye-bye sushi at a Philly stadium, hello hoagies!


Philly’s no joke.  People eat like crap, are mostly overweight, out of shape because Philly folks love their hoagies.  And fried chicken.  So when Sergio Garcia brought is biases, racist self to the U.S. Open just outside of Philly in Merion, Pennsylvania, well he was greeted with nothing less than what Philly fans have to offer.  And that means the Spaniard was met with hisses, boos and a lot of other comments about his fried chicken comment.

Philadelphia is a melting pot.  This is not one of those cities where there are black people over here and white people over there.  The mix is amazing, sometimes contentious but still there is a respect that comes with living in an urban environment where people are people no matter how light or dark the skin of the person next to you in Philadelphia.  It’s not that way is certain areas of America but it sure is in Philly.

So when Sergio Garcia stepped on the course at the U.S. Open in Merion even those white folks who live outside of the Philly area made sure that some guy who doesn’t even call America his home understood the wrath coming from his comment to Tiger Woods about eating fried chicken.

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Rick Thomas
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Apology…unaccepted.  In all cases of racial stupidity and Sergio Garcia is racially ignorant and stupid, an apology is not accepted.  And the fans in Philly made completely sure Sergio Garcia understood that he and  the last “fried chicken” commenter towards Tiger Woods, whoever that was, is about as important to golf as Sergio Garcia will be in the coming years.

Sergio Garcia picked the wrong city to mess with…Philly’s no joke.  No joke.

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