Never Knew the 'DeBarge' Family Had So Many Issues Until 'Dr Drew' (YouTube Video)

So we’ve been talking a lot about some of the new daytime talk shows that are just taking over ever hour, every minute of the day on so many local TV stations following the departure of Oprah.  You have to say after the mainstays like Ellen, Regis & Kelly or Dr. Oz, the list of new daytime talk content is relatively weak.  But still this story is worth their effort and at least got me to throw up some content on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers.

James, Bunny and Randy DeBarge on Dr. Drew's 'Lifechangers'

Wednesday’s show features one of my favorite groups from the 1980’s, DeBarge.  They were a R & B singing group hailed from the motor city of Detroit and on the Berry Gordy record label dropping some great hits that are on my Ipod today.  And the story they will tell to Dr. Drew Pinsky kinda blew me away.

But this is the music business so why am I surprised.  Along with being the drug induced years from the late 70’s through most of the 80’s, well again this should be no eye opener.

But c’mon this is DeBarge!

James DeBarge, Bunny DeBarge and Randy DeBarge open up big time about their past that most of us listening to their music could not imagine.  The internet was not around so there were no Amy Winehouse meltdowns viewed by millions on YouTube.  Yet the DeBarge story about drugs and self destruction leading toward suicide are discussed in this two part Lifechangers event with Dr. Drew.  James DeBarge opens up about his personal demons including thoughts on committing suicide and being talk down from that act by a famous music artist in Michael Jackson.

Substance abuse problems ran rampant throughout this family and you can watch it all unfold starting tomorrow on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Lifechangers.

Rick Thomas

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