NBC4 LA's Weather Gal Elita Loresca Becoming a First Time Mama? (Video)

Gotta be!  No question.  So every once in a while we write a story or two about local television, especially here in Los Angeles because most of the users of RealTVCritics.com are from this city and New York.

Yeah we get a lot of in the biz types that keep an eye on what this blog has to say.  Especially when we don’t like something.

So I’ve made no confusion of my transition from NBC4 Los Angeles and their morning show Today in L.A. moving instead to follow my new set of peeps over at KTLA.  I was lost for a while after NBC4 made lots of changes in the morning program from a personnel and content standpoint.

Just too many changes.  Too many.  Just wanted Chris Schaube and Jennifer Bjorklund for my news, the late, great Paul  Johnson on traffic and the highly credible Elita Loresca telling me what to wear everyday with weather.

NBC4 kinda blew up the morning show when Paul passed and turned it in to a Saturday Night Live segment that made me almost flip on my radio to KNX Newsradio 1070.

oleta-loresca-weddingThis morning, while continuing to be amused to the maximum at the Arnold Schwarzenegger “you ARE the father!” 24/7 Maury Show type coverage, I notice Elita Loresca looking much heavier than normal.

I looked closer and it certainly isn’t because she’s spending too much time at the entrance of the Marie Callenders on Wilshire.  And I mean the parking lot entrance, in the back of the eatery, where they have their pie display.

She’s pregnant!


I say that because of three reasons.  One, every male viewer of NBC4 L.A. will now be curling up in a fetal position in their houses or apartments, screaming “I NEED MY MEDICATION!! I NEED MY MEDICATION!!” as Elita is at the top of the list of America’s finest looking weather reporters.  I’ve seen Al Roker, I watch Al Roker…Al Roker,  you are no Elita Loresca.

Second this means I will have  to cease my Save Elita Loresca campaign which quietly fizzled because I really think she’s much better than that so-called morning program known as Today in L.A.  I just can’t watch that show.  Can’t.  Sorry.  I tried, I really tried, but if it wasn’t for the new KTLA Morning News, well hello KNX Newsradio 1070.

Finally, combining the second reason along with this one.  She will be leaving the air going on maternity leave.  Now I worked for a big corporation, CBS, for a signficant amount of time.  And big corporations have the best ‘leave’ packages ever.  Not like when I left big business and ran my radio promotions company back in Philadelphia.  One employee got pregnant…by her husband that is.

Um, I’m not Arnold, OK?

And the maternity leave package I put in to the Employee Manual stated very clearly and I quote.

“Once you deliver your little bundle of joy, please immediately call your supervisor to let him or her know what time you will be back at your desk in the morning.”

OK everybody back to work.

Uh, for employers.  Let me give you a piece of advice.  Never have that stipulation in your Employee Manual.  I don’t know if you know this or not but women talk.  They like to share things.  With other women.  You might want to consider taking such phraseology out of print should you not want to lose clients like I did as she shared this part of the Employee Manual with women at Food Network.

Oh that WAS such a good client.

So Elita will be gone on that maternity thing which will then end my saga of NBC4 Los Angeles.

But I wish her the best.  Whatever she decides to do afterward, and I’m sure she will be back, she will be missed for a period of time.  She’s a true pro.  Network material but being a Mom, well from what I understand, is something special.  Well yeah, for Elita.

Right now, Arnold is having some serious baby mama issues that are 180 degrees from Elita Loresa.

Just for visual sake, she actually put up a video of her wedding last year that’s worth a look.  Her husband, and we will call him ‘whatshisname’ seems like a good guy.  Check it out at the link.


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Rick Thomas

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