Jersey Gov Smacks 'Snooki' and 'Jersey Shore'

First let me say that I’ve trashed this show as trash television many times before.  I don’t like any show that seems to make reality out of punching women in the face and then calling it entertainment.

And I’m about to watch an episode of ‘are you my baby daddy’ episode of ‘Maury’ featuring women little girls named Nevaeh.  Oh, that Heaven spelled backwards.

With that editorial comment aside the fact that this show was part of last Sunday’s morning news program ‘This Week’ on ABC must prove a couple of things.

I have no clue what the hell I’m talking about.


We will welcome Christiane Amanpour’s entry as host of the long running Sunday morning show because when ‘This Week’ and host Jake Tapper consider ‘Jersey Shore’ a burning news topic to bring up, the lines are simply, 100% blurred when trying to separate news from entertainment.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called ‘Jersey Shore’ “negative” for the state.  “A bunch of New Yorkers,” he calls them which means that if he runs for President he won’t win that state cause they will use that sound bite forever.

Snooki and Friends from 'Jersey Shore'

Snooki and Friends from 'Jersey Shore'

Here’s the real rub.  There are probably only 4 people watching ‘This Week’ on ABC that have ever heard of ‘Jersey Shore’ let alone watched an episode.  Ya see people in the TV business don’t get it.  Why talk about a show your audience could care less about?  Ask Snooki if she ever heard of ‘This Week’ and she might reply back, “didn’t they drop a new CD that they played at the club Saturday night?”

In the meantime, the cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ got some big raises for the new season.  Snooki, The Situation, JWoWW and my boy Pauly D look to get the big bucks while MTV could care less about the other New Yorkers part of ‘Jersey Shore.’

And by the way Shore is pronounced “Suuuuurrr” if you ever met anyone from Joisey!

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