MTV 'Jackass' Ryan Dunn Drank, Drove Himself to Fatal Car Crash

Well there you have it.  Another teachable moment that will probably go by the board but a bunch of jackasses out there who drink and drive should take note of this story and read it.

Friends of MTV reality guy and Jackass the movie series say star Ryan Dunn consumed at least 3 beers and 3 shots of alcohol before jumping in his Porsche in suburban Philadelphia and flipping it over a highway guardrail.

Ryan Dunn Dies At 34  (1977-2011)

Ryan Dunn Dies (1977-2011)

Smart comments about the jackass are coming in from guys like film critic Roger Ebert who was extremely critical of Ryan Dunn’s stupidity, even putting the actor’s friends on the grill.  “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive,” Ebert Tweeted after learning of Dunn’s demise over the weekend in the West Goshen area outside of Philadelphia.

And we agree.  With Roger that is.

TMZ.com is asking on its site if it’s too early for Roger Ebert to trash the MTV personality for drinking and driving but I say no because once again he, like some really ignorant Congressman from New York, used social marketing and Tweeted his drinking escapades shortly before getting behind the wheel of his car.

By the way, another person was in the 34 year old actor’s car and died in the accident.

I have a couple of friends, male friends, who are married with at least one kid, who seem to think it’s OK for them to drive fast and recklessly when I’m in the damn car.  One of them I bitch slapped after one incident and he never did it again.  The other I verbally reamed him a new you know what and he, after several years of therapy, is no longer curled up in a fetal position suffering from the depression brought on by my comments.

The reason I bring up their at least one kid.  I tell them directly.  “Do you drive like that with your damn kid in the car?  You wanna drive fast, drive fast with your kid in the car, not me!”  In other words you wanna be a jackass, be a jackass and kill someone in your family.  “Why would you screw up people in my family when you can screw up what’s important to you,” I say to these people who have the poorest judgement ever.

I have no sympathy for people who get drunk and drive a car or people who do the same but have a passenger seated next tot them.  No sympathy.  Not an ounce.

Rick Thomas

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