MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Rips "Racist" Boss NBC News and Entertainment Apart

Give Lawrence O’Donnell a lot of credit.  NBC News and NBC Entertainment?  Well I would not want to be an executive at either of those properties today.  Here in “Hollywood or Burbank” as the host of The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell would say.  Or at 30 Rock in New York.

With Comcast taking over NBC and pretty much firing everyone and anyone in management connected to the Jeff Zucker, people at NBC are already shaking in their boots over the merger.

A lot are working on their resumes as we speak at NBC.


What Lawrence O’Donnell did last night to his own network was simply amazing.  Simply calling out every top executive at NBC.  He literally ripped them an new one as they say on La Brea in Inglewood.

Ripped them a new one.

Along with that clown Donald Trump.  He’s a clown.  As President Obama calls him a “sideshow and carnival barker.”  Yet NBC keeps this clown employed.

That’s the focus of Lawrence O’Donnell’s comments last night.

To have the President of the United States have to show his full birth certificate and waste time on a press conference talking about this topic is an embarrassment to the television news media.  And to the world.  And an clearly an embarrassment to any sense of television journalism.  But NBC?  NBC News is at the lowest level ever of all news networks.

It’s clear.  Talk to any person of color.  Some want to hold NBC totally responsible.  I’m one of them.  Others want to stop watching The Apprentice and stop using Trump hotel properties.

Damn you.  Damn you for your weakness, those persons of color, who are weak.  And now even independent voters, some who voted against the Democratic party in the last election cycle, are asking for their votes back.

Donald Trump is a racist piece of crap.  Period.  There is no filth lower than Donald Trump. Filth.  Scum.  The lowest form of dog crap America can produce.

Yet NBC and others, and a lot of people who are halfway decent Americans, support the filthy persona of Donald Trump.

NBC News is simply worthless.  Simply worthless.  But this is a network in turmoil.  They are in third place with what we in radio used to call “an anchor.”  We used to say that about a record that was dropping fast off the top ten music chart. Not number 3 “with a bullet” on a song that was really popular and getting a ton of airplay.  NBC is number 3 “with an anchor.”

NBC is about ready to become the fourth ranked network in America behind an Hispanic network.

That’s really embarrassing.

There’ s nothing worse than this incident and what happened yesterday.  Nothing worse.  Nothing worse than NBC News.

But watch Lawrence O’Donnell at this link below.  One of the most eye opening commentaries by a white guy that hits home.  I don’t watch this show.  I don’t watch a lot of MSNBC.  I really don’t like them or the other side of FOX News.

But I will now watch Lawrence O’Donnell.  He’s what we used to call in the hood one of those cool white boys.  A guy you want to hang around.  A guy that may have grown up in a much nicer neighborhood than most yet had some sort of understanding of the real world.

Yes, tonight I will turn on Lawrence O’Donnell.


Rick Thomas

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