MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Issues Apology, How White People Treated NBC's Michael Steele and Val Nicholas (YouTube Videos)


All you can say is wow!

An apology from a white guy to two black guys, major league top African American males suffering from being the victims of that major felony of Driving While Black.  Or Shopping While Black.  Or just about Doing Anything in Public While Black.


Michael Steele is an African American male with an interesting foundation.  He’s a staunch Republican.  I don’t like Michael Steele’s politics but since he became part of the NBC News family he’s kinda growing on me.  He was the first African American Chairman of the Republican National Committee and was the Republican Lt. Governor of the State of Maryland.

But today, on Hardball with Chris Matthews he was just another black guy facing the same things most black males face in America.  Being male, black, in a nice car, or walking in supermarket being followed by some minimum wage flunkee- George Zimmerman type being profiled as someone who is about rob the place.

Val Nicholas is an African American man who is a big time executive at NBC.  Now me being a former executive with CBS, for a black man to get a VP gig at any network is admirable.  It really is.  Usually broadcast companies hire blacks in positions of limited importance.  Human Resources is one area they used to save for black executive.  The other is some sort of Community Relations position.

Welcome to broadcasting.

Back then.

Well things have changed in the business today.  Val Nicholas is Vice President/Creative Director for NBC News.

Both today shared their experiences of being black men in America with Chris Matthews.  By the end of the segment, Chris Matthews, a tough Irish kid from Philly, apologized for the events that helped shaped these two men when it comes to race in America.

Driving a really nice car while black, even driving a really nice car in a Brioni suit can still bring the ire of a dumb cop that has a high school education.  No matter how these two men were dressed, both face the ire of stupidity from their local police departments.

Yeah so have I.  I owned this bad-ass 1987 convertible Mercedes two-seater that had pimped out rims, color was bright red and cops thought I was rapper 2 Chainz when I shuttled around Los Angeles in that ride.

It was like having a police escort some times and it was really bad on me when I had a white girl in that car.  I had to sell that car.  White girls, Mercedes…I had to sell that car!

Back to the AMC Gremlin.  For those of you under 35 years of age, Google it!


“Pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing,” as 2 Chainz would say in his hit song I’m Different.  Oh hell no I was not going to crank that up in a convertible driving through Los Angeles.  I would have been Shot While Black by LAPD.

But today on  Hardball with Chris Matthews the host apologized to both Michael Steele and Val Nicholas.   And to just about every black man walking the streets of America who have been victims of certain white folks and I will say certain white folks who seem to think the worst of every black man walking the streets of America.

Apologizing to those who act like George “Wannabe” Zimmerman.

Apologizing because even dumb asses like George Zimmerman who is clearly fat, ignorant and stupid are racially profiling African American males.   So it’s not just the cops.  It’s Community Watch people.

My God what has this country become?

I need at least two sets of hands to count the number of times I personally have been profiled here in Los Angeles over the last 6 years.

Two sets of hands.

And I even had one client, yes a client, say that he was the “head nigger in charge” of his company yet that company has seen more SEC violations than a Wall Street investment firm.  More violations in a company I have ever been a part of which of course led directly to my receiving a lot more than expected after leaving my role at that so called company.

Chris Matthews surely hit it on the head.  Personally I was shocked to see this on my TV screen during Hardball.  But today was a day I can say some white folks may be on their way to understanding what it’s like to be black like me.

Thank you so much George.

Rick Thomas


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