More Politics, Phoenix Airport Bans CNN and FOX News

And we thought this was an TV entertainment site.  Yeah right.

Let’s see we did a story about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, her dad and mom big time politicos. Hmmm.  That can be considered entertainment, right?

Then we worked on Sarah Palin and her inability to put a thought in order without writing on her palms in an appearance on FOX News.

OK that’s really entertaining.

Now we have the airport in Phoenix kicking out CNN and FOX News because of their one sided reporting.

What the hell is going on here.

airport-tvThe flat screens will remain.  The networks will have to find a new way to reach out to persons traveling in and out of the Valley of the Sun’s Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.  The Arizona Republic spoke with Brian Sexton at the airport who said CNN and FOX News “generate complaints because some passengers see them as politically biased.”

ProDIGIQ, who we have pictured here, takes over providing content on those screens.

Rick Thomas


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