One More ESPN Drunken Crime Story as Hockey Analyst Matthew Barnaby Fired

Wow it’s been a while since we did a story on ESPN behind the scenes drama.  Whether it be a drunk, abusive announcer beating up his girlfriend at a bar in Santa Monica, another smacking his wife around in New England, sex play which is common among co-workers at ESPN headquarters in Connecticut or plagiarizing from articles in the Orange County Register, there’s always some crap going on as ESPN.

Get your resume ready and send it to these people.  There’s always an opening due to the drunken stupidity of someone at ESPN.

Matthew Barnaby used to be a hockey analyst for ESPN.  We say used to be because after several domestic incidents with his wife or ex-wife he’s been arrested again, this time for driving under the influence.

Matthew Barnaby

And he got busted in style driving a Porsche Cayenne on the wrong side of the road which of course is a problem in most counties especially in New York State where he got jammed up.  Not only drunk and driving on the wrong side of the road, Barnaby was operating a Porsche Cayenne without a front tire.

OK how do you operate any motor vehicle without a front tire?

So first he rips up the garage door of his estranged wife’s home looking for her new boyfriend thinking that he was on the ice with his former Buffalo Sabres getting into a scruff, but now he’s got a DUI as well.  This qualifies the Canadian born, non-U.S. citizen for deportation.  Which is good so that he can be kept away from beating or killing his wife and from running over any pedestrians in New York State.  Or anywhere in the continental U.S.

Clarence, New York must be a small town.  The same cop that arrested him for the domestic beef with his wife pulled him over in the Porsche Cayenne.  Can’t wish for a better outcome for this slime ball.

Career at ESPN over.  “We spoke to Matthew and informed him that we terminated his contract immediately,” an ESPN spokesperson told the Hollywood Reporter.

Final thought…good riddance.

Rick Thomas

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