'Rally to Restore Sanity' Planned by Jon Stewart

It’s about time.  Time to take some of these dumb cluck extremists from both sides and give them a whoopin’ or two.  Let me say this to you loser birthers.  President Obama is an American.  And President Obama is not, I repeat is not a Muslim.

Isn’t is sad the stupidity of people.  Sometimes it just amazes me just how stupid Americans can be.  Just plain old stupid.  And more and more of them keep spawning more stupid people every day.

Step in Jon Stewart.  You know the really cool comedian from Comedy Central that rips apart any extremists on the left or the right.  Jon Steward, the person with some level of sanity for all of us that watch his show.

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart’s ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ happens on October 30th.  Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck not invited.  Nancy Pelosi please stay home.  This event is for people those of us who are moderate, have concerns about what our government is doing but won’t lead others to pick up guns and shoot someone.

I’m going.  OK so I will already be back east.  But the Jon Stewart ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ might just be an event that 20% of the whack jobs in this country won’t attend but neither will anyone else.  In Jon Stewart’s words most of us have “s%#@ to do.”

You can watch Jon Stewart’s announcement below.

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