Michael Vick Cancels 'Oprah' Appearance

Say what?  No he didn’t!  Yes he did.  Michael Vick, the former maligned dog-fighting football player, turned All American good guy as quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, canceled his appearance with the Queen of Daytime Oprah Winfrey.


Well his people say that it was for personal reasons.  Vick says he admires Oprah and wants to do the show at some point in the future.

Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles

Well you can bet that is not going to happen.  Why Michael Vick even agreed to do the interview in the first place is highly puzzling.  If “his people” were smart, which they seem to have become very quickly after agreeing to the chat that would have aired on February 24, they would make every attempt to get Vick past this horrible episode in his life.

Vick just had an amazing season as the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He paid his dues for his conviction doing 18 months in prison.  The chat was to be about his issues with the pups in Virginia, along with his incarceration and work with the Humane Society.

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