Michael Jackson's Estate Ticked at Conrad Murray, NBC News Interview

They just won’t let this poor man rest in peace.  Please let Michael Jackson rest in peace soon.  When you thought we all saw the last of Dr. Conrad Murray, the agony of his manslaughter trial and conviction leading to his upcoming sentencing, we all said “bye-bye” to this tragedy.

But it just doesn’t want to seem to disappear.

Savannah Guthrie with Dr. Conrad Murray on MSNBC

Now NBC News which is the Mother to MSNBC is under fire from the Michael Jackson estate for their airing tonight and tomorrow night of the special Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship.

The Today Show has already aired segments of the special but the full effort comes tonight and tomorrow on MSNBC.  John Branca and John McClain, the executors of the Jackson estate, have sent correspondence to network saying “MSNBC seems ready to let [Dr. Murray] say what he wants to say with no fear of cross-examination.”

The estate is upset that there will not be anyone to take Michael Jackson’s side during the Conrad Murray interview.  Now there’s talk of what Murray was compensated by NBC News for his interview that was done before he was convicted.  In most cases convicted criminals cannot accept compensation for doing interviews following the jury’s decision but Dr. Murray was on trial during the time of the MSNBC sitdown.

The estate says the network should “exercise proper judgement and refrain from airing this program.”



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