Megyn Kelly Simply Destroys Donald Trump Mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway on FOX News (YouTube)

Good lord let’s pray Kellyanne Conway, the campaign manager for Donald Trump, is getting paid a hell of a lot of money.  This has been a horrible week for Donald Trump and all of his mouthpieces including Kellyanne Conway are getting the crap beat out of them.

The crap beat out of them.

And when Megyn Kelly over at FOX News gets a hold of you well you probably had better watch your back.  Because she does not f#$k around.  This exchange is what those at CNN and MSNBC should have been doing too long ago but leave it to Megyn Kelly to get truly hissed off at Kellyanne Conway.

God I hope they are paying this woman a lot of money.  Watch the video below.  It’s classic Megyn Kelly.