Meet Darryl Willis, BP's New Face on Television Commercials

This poor guy.  Well anyone is better than that moron Tony Heyward, the current CEO of the now hated and reviled destroyers of American coastline BP, or British Petroleum. 


Darryl Willis is now the face of BP, a brother that happens to be a much better spokesperson for the embroiled company.  Anything is better than a guy with a British accent telling Americans how he’s going to fix our shorelines after virtually screwing everyone down there in the process. 

Darryl Willis is the Vice President of Resources for BP as a title.  It’s probably a newer version of Human Resources which is normally the executive position most major companies hire either women or minorities to fill.  Now he’s up front and personal on all BP television commercials which will probably make this company a bit more like-able if that is possible at all in any manner for this company.

But ridding themselves of Tony Heyward as the out front guy for this mess is probably the most brilliant move BP has made since day one of this mess.  From a marketing standpoint it is genius.

Let’s send Tony Heyward back to his 50 foot yacht and let Darryl Willis, no matter how we feel about his ‘human resources’ condescending role is with BP, fix this problem in many more TV commercials. 

Watch Darryl’s commercial here.  And let’s hope this mess gets fixed no matter who is the out front spokesperson for BP.

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