Maybe Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and the Scientology Crap Will Now Go Away


Seems the saga known as the ongoing divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes might be over. 


After spending the last couple of weeks having to endure the criticism of the Church of Scientology, the who, what, where and when of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes looks like it may be coming to an end and let’s all thank the Lord for that.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise is a member of that whacked out group of followers of the Church of Scientology.  You gotta guess Katie Holmes was as well but she made the decision that most parents make for their children.  To raise her kid in a cult or get the hell away from the sickness of religious zealots who seem to do nothing more than ruin families and in this case a marriage.

Now that Tom Cruise has bent over and taken it from Katie Holmes by not wanting to bring the Church of Scientology to its own proverbial knees by exposing the worthlessness of this cult, the marriage seems to have ended and an agreement is in place for the separation.

Tom Cruise, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

Tom Cruise, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

Good work Katie Holmes.  Keeping your kid Suri away from that follower Tom Cruise just ensured that your child will grow up normal and not like a zombie that is the end result of joining the Church of Scientology.  Or any cult.

An agreement seems to be in place on the split between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.  She’s getting primary custody of Suri while Tom Cruise will get “generous visitation rights” according to People Magazine.

“How did they reach a settlement so quickly?,” asked NBC’s Brian Williams in a tease tonight on Nightly News?

It means Tom Cruise has caved.  So has the Church of Scientology.  They don’t want a guy in a black robe up their rear surgically ripping apart this cult organization which is what any judge is just looking to do.

I’ve ticked off a lot of people this past week.  Calling Katie Holmes nothing more than what Judge Judy calls a “you picked him” wife who now knows what a cult really is but quite frankly she doesn’t look stupid.  She should have known that going in but no one forced Katie Holmes to marry Tom Cruise and make him her baby daddy.

I’ve ticked off a lot of people this past week calling Tom Cruise a loser.  Quite frankly I’ve never really like his movies and anyone who has the weakness in themselves to get caught up in a cult, well that person deserves to be ripped a new one.

Today, tonight, it seems as if it’s over.  Now maybe I can watch TV without having to endure another TomKat story. 

Let’s hope so.



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