Mariah Carey Joins the 'X Factor'

Will she be a judge?  Apparently not.  What role will she have on the show has yet to be determined by the big boss, Simon Cowell who will present X Factor on FOX this fall.  So far the only confirmed judge is music mogul L.A. Reid who we wrote about joining over a month ago.  But all has been quiet from Simon since.

Now the Mariah thing and this is big.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Still walking around (or more like sitting around) waiting to drop Nick Cannon’s twins after currently being 8 months pregnant, Mariah has been posing nude for some magazines that think that’s attractive, but her plans after giving birth are unconfirmed.

Time to head to nanny.com because Mariah will either be the judge of all of the judges “She’ll be involved in some form.  I think she will have a role in the TV live shows,” said Simon Cowell during a radio interview with Jackie Brown.

How does he feel personally about Mariah?  “I literally adore her…I love her to bits,” said Simon. Read more on this story from the Huffington Post.


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