Magic Johnson, Donald Sterling's Los Angeles Clippers, the Worthless NAACP and Racism Once Again (YouTube Videos)

Here we go again.  But this time this is simply the end.  The end.  Today, this weekend, ever since Donald Sterling’s racially charged words became public, one of America’s well respected African American athletes turned incredible  business  persons in the African American community learned a lesson today.

He’s nothing more than another black man in America.  Another Cliven Bundy Negro.  Another…well you know what I want to say but I am holding back.

For now.


Watching Magic Johnson get emotional on ABC/ESPN’s coverage of today’s NBA playoffs games was hard to swallow.  It really was hard to swallow.  The sickness of America’s racism, which we’ve seen with this country’s first black President, now hit a cord that if unforgivable.

President Obama governs.  People love him or hate him.  Some hate him not because he governs but because of the color of his skin.  But we really don’t know Barack like we know Magic Johnson.  We know him for his play in the NBA, his business achievements and his community involvement.

Today, this weekend, Donald Sterling labeled him…let me say it…a nigger.


The Cliven Bundy story is like any other racist asshole in America.  We just get past it.  FOX News Channel and the Sean Hannity‘s of the world, yeah we expect their stupidity.  That’s like taking a shower.  It’s normal.  But what we heard from Donald Sterling was beyond belief.  And he made the mistake of all mistakes.  He took someone that we in the African American community respect and labeled him a nigger.

This was the worst slap in the face ever.  Even me, as many times that I’ve personally faced racism in my 57 years on this earth, it was difficult to see Magic Johnson almost in tears because of what he had to listen to from this piece of shit Donald Sterling.

Now let’s take the NAACP.  Still, right now on their website you can still see an invite honoring Donald Sterling.  Even after this weekend’s reveal of the recorded racist rant from the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers the NAACP Los Angeles Chapter is still promoting him as the recipient of the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

naacp1What the hell is wrong with the NAACP?  No wonder why most people see the group as worthless.  Worthless.  How can these fools know the history of Donald Sterling’s racist actions and reward him?

Donald Sterling must have given the NAACP a couple of dollars and a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken to get this award.

The NAACP is simply worthless.

Times have changed.  Yes I personally can admit this.  But as long as groups like the NAACP offer awards to racists like Donald Sterling the racist rants will continue.

This has been a rough weekend no doubt.  Tomorrow will surely be a better day.

Rick Thomas




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