Luke Russert's Move to NBC News a Solid Choice, More Exposure to Come

Family contacts or because you were a great athlete normally gets you a gig in certain companies in broadcasting.  NBC is one  of those network’s that uses this foundation to make on-air choices for who will get a gig based on prior efforts whether familial or because you can run through an offensive line to score a touchdown.

Jenna Bush Hager with the Today Show and the daughter of former President Bush was one choice that still makes me want to take my fingernails and scratch them on a chalkboard.  Still awful today as she was on day one.  Then there was Tiki Barber who made his short stint on Today which was more awful than Jenna Bush Hager.  He was only there because he was a good looking black dude that played for the New York Giants football team and the hoopla behind his hiring was electric, which then led to getting the red lettered bill from the electric company and coming home finding no lights on in any room.  Yes the electric company shut you down.

The only thing NBC got from Tike Barber, well was nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  What did Tiki get?  A hot, blond girlfriend, a really expensive divorce proceeding and the need to put a helmet back on his head because he’s broke.

Luke Russert, NBC News Correspondent

Now bring on Luke  Russert.  Son of the late, great, solid NBC newsman Tim Russert who hosted Meet The Press.  After watching Jenna Bush Hager and Tiki Barber ruin my time spent viewing Today on NBC, there’s good news to report on this family tie in with NBC”s hiring of Luke Russert.  Because without question he is a chip off his Dad’s old block.

His delivery is smooth and slick and smart for a newbie.  This morning on his report on Weinergate, his live intro and outro were absolutely perfect.  His voiceover efforts during his report on the scandal were flawless, engaging and you didn’t feel as if it was forced by someone that had limited experience in reporting, thrown in to an on-air job because of nepotism via family or sports.

The guy is really good.  Should we have expected anything less?  Probably not.  He’s young, good looking and will help in bringing a new demographic to television news that generally skews to a much older viewer.  Smart move by NBC.  And a really simple, easy one.

I still miss Tim Russert.  David Gregory has become so much better on Meet The Press but I still miss Tim Russert.  Life though must go on right, so David has my eyes on Sunday mornings.  But to see Luke Russert’s effort begin at such a high level will garner him a massive amount of exposure on NBC’s Today Show and no doubt lead to additional exposure throughout all NBC news properties and it will be well deserved.

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas

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