Los Angeles at Royal Buzz Level with Will and Kate (Video)

OK you know I HAVE to write about this story because the British are coming, the British are coming and for me the couple is literally right down the street from my office and home.  It’s an area called Hancock Park, a walk away from the Koreatown/Mid-Wilshire area which is more famously known for the well publicized boxing match between Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Now Prince William and Kate are in town.  Hanging out at the British Prime Minister’s home in Hancock Park in the really upscale section of Los Angeles that most people don’t know.  Yeah there’s Beverly Hills and Bel Air but then there’s Hancock Park.

I have to admit though I may live and work close but that’s about it.  My hood is the ghetto compared to where they are staying.

But the royal couple is in town.  The city is on fire right now.  Traffic is and was a mess when they arrived yesterday.  The paparazzi, well they’ve been told by the Los Angeles Police Department that they’d better think twice about trying to get the money shot.  No climbing on trees outside the PM’s residence.  Cops even have signed statements from adjoining property owners to make immediate arrests of any photographer who trespasses on a neighbor’s home to get good photos.

In other words President Obama doesn’t get this kind of activity.  OK  maybe he does but this is simply crazy.

It’s all over network news, local TV is covering it like the wedding between the Prince and Kate.  Her first visit ever to the United States.

Yeah what a mess.

But I have to admit, it’s kinda fun.  It really is.  Guess it’s because it’s in my neighborhood.  Most times guys could give a rats behind about this kind of activity.  Women love it.  All over it.  So we just endure.

OK so I will be watching Larry Crowne at a movie with a friend some 30 some miles away early evening.  Far from the maddening crowd of Hollywood.  My invite to the big events must have gotten lost in the mail. But it is a fun time for Los Angeles.

Welcome to America to the Royal Couple!


Rick Thomas

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