Look Out 'America's Most Wanted' Crooks, Your FOX 'LifeTime's Not Over

Oh what a very confusing headline, right?  I thought it was a bit creative but wanted you to read the full story.  America’s Most Wanted, a staple of the FOX Saturday night prime-time line-up following COPS, got canceled by the programming people there but it won’t go away for long.

Lifetime cable channel has picked up the show.


Yes, Lifetime, the female directed network has picked up the show which actually when you think deeply about it is a pretty good move.  Let’s see, it seems Lifetime is going back to shows where women are victims of dastardly crimes from dastardly men who control them.

OK c’mon, you’ve watch America’s Most Wanted.  There’s always a crime where women either get offed by their husbands or boyfriends.  Or turn up missing in Aruba.  But there’s always a victim type female movie on Lifetime so America’s Most Wanted will fit right in on that cable network’s line-up.

The show ran for 23 years on FOX before getting dumped for financial reasons. FOX said they couldn’t make any money from advertisers on America’s Most Wanted.  But with a programming schedule relatively short on content, AMW will run no doubt 250 times a week.

The show launches on Lifetime with a two hour special in October.

Rick Thomas

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