"B#%$&y little girls," as 'Sam' Would Say on 'Burn Notice' as NFL Coaches Moan Replacement Refs

I love me some Burn Notice on USA Network.  Especially the open when Bruce Campbell’s “Sam” in Burn Notice opens the show with his “you know spies…bunch of bitchy little girls” he says. 


The NFL's First Sunday of Games

Call that the first Sunday of the National Football League as the games work this weekend with “replacement referees” as they call them as the league has locked out the regular refs over work related issues.  It’s been a day “you know coaches and television announcers…bunch of little girls” as the complaining and whining literally makes me simple sick.

Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar from USA Network's "Burn Notice"

Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar from USA Network's "Burn Notice"

All day long on every network which includes CBS and FOX it’s been nothing but complaints from NFL head coaches and those calling and doing play by play of NFL games.  The NFL has decided to start the season with replacement referees because the NFL wants work considerations from the regular refs which include not working as many games during the season as they have in the past.

Well there’s the lockout. 

So these new “replacement refs” have been called upon and the words “throws a late flag” has been the word of the day for the announcers and coaches have been bitching and whining all day during the four games of the NFL I’ve watched so far this Sunday.

Get over it you “bunch of bitchy little girls.”

Every team in the NFL is working with the same replacement refs.  And the complaining may be over this week after the plethora of complaints but what the hell it’s still good that football is back.

Gotta love Sundays in September as the NFL is back!

Rick Thomas



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