Lindsay Lohan's New Work Schedule Puts Her on Playboy Magazine Cover

Hey girl’s gotta work right?  It’s not like the bank account under the name Lindsay Lohan is getting any bigger since she has to pay for legal fees up the ying yang.  Shawn Holley Chapman, the fantastic looking attorney that was on the legal team that got OJ Simpson free from a murder he committed, has been representing Lindsay Lohan for her past and ongoing criminal activity.  And whoever happens to be Shawn’s wardrobe designer certainly doesn’t shop at Target.

Now Lindsay’s back in a big way.  On the cover of Playboy Magazine where that image has been leaked all over the internet.  And of course we have that image.  Why not!  We picked on Lindsay Lohan big time on this blog.  So now that’s she’s back to work doing really important things like bearing all on America’s top skin showing magazine, we have to welcome her back to RealTVCritics.com.

Welcome back girl!  It’s good to see you, um, uh I mean good to see a little part of you on the cover of Playboy Magazine.

Rick Thomas



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