Lifetime Cancels 'Marrying Hef' as Crystal Harris Cancels Wedding

Let’s see, let’s count the reasons why this so called marriage between 85 year old Hugh Hefner and 25 year old Crystal Harris was destined for the canceled bin.  Along with their Lifetime reality show.  OK here we go:

  • He’s 85 and she’s 25.
  • He’s 85 and she’s 25.
  • He’s 85 and she’s 25
  • He’s 85 and she’s 25
Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris - 55th Annual Thalians Gala Honoring Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

So the wedding, scheduled for this Saturday, is off between the Playboy king of all males in America.   Who wouldn’t want to be 85 years old and marry a 25 year old blond?  But finally there’s a blond out there with a brain as Crystal Harris reportedly was playing Hugh Hefner and had planned all along to blow off the old man as part of the launch of her new CD.  She was supposed to do the dirty deed right at the altar.

Oh my!

Hef apparently finds out about the plan and calls off the affair that was to take place at the Playboy Mansion.  “I have decided to end my engagement with Hef,” Harris said in a statement.

In the meantime, Lifetime has a programming issue.  A two hour documentary titled Marrying Hef will not air on the network.

Oh well says Hugh Hefner.  He Tweeted “Since we’re not getting married…I’ve scheduled a movie.  Runaway Bride.  Seems appropriate.”

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