Liar, Liar, Sean Spicer's Pants Are on Fire! Trump Spokespeople Start Off Lie After Lie... (NY Times Video)

Well this is not how you start an administration…unless you are led in the Oval Office by Bozo the Clown. Oh yeah, that’s right this so far is being led BY Bozo the Clown in the name of Donald Trump. But now the lies are starting to become a daily occurrence in the new Trump administration…oh that’s right Donald Trump has really become Bozo the Clown. And so now has Sean Spicer, the new White House spokesperson who in just three days has become a bigger buffoon than President Trump.

This quick New York Times video tells the story. Sean Spicer loses it and today’s Sunday talk shows pretty much ripped him a new one with terms like “inappropriate” to “amateur” to “childish.”

Welcome to Trump’s America.