Let the Lynching of Trevor Noah Begin, Comedy Central's New Host Under Fire But for What? (YouTube Video)

Welcome to America Trevor Noah.  What was that line Lou Gossett used while chatting with LeVar Burton in the television mini-series Roots?  “You in America now!”

Yes Trevor Noah you are in America.  The land of the free, the home of the brave and on and on.  Well now you see what happens when you use social media in the wrong way.


Trevor Noah just yesterday was not even a blip on the radar screen.  Nothing.  I used to own a comedy club back in Philly many years ago.  I’ve kept up a bit on the current crop of comedians but “yes” I would say that a lot of today’s comedians might be a bit invisible to me.  But when you say the words Trevor Noah absolutely nothing comes to my memory.

The acts I worked with are still around.  Bill Bellamy worked my room, The Comic Stop Comedy Club.  As did David Chappelle.  Tasha Smith, who back then had the dirtiest mouth from a female ever on stage worked my room as well. Ralph Harris and his brother Romant were on stage with me along with many more who are stretched out all across the globe.

But this new guy Trevor Noah from South Africa is learning just what being in America means and how his insertion in to the host chair at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show is, in a little more than 24 hours, a colossal mess.

It has become a legal lynching and Trevor Noah has brought this all on himself.   I will say it once, say it twice and for too many times afterward that social media must be used properly and Trevor Noah surely did not operate his Twitter property correctly.

This is a lesson for us all.  Every one of us.  What’s the lesson?  Stop thinking that Twitter and Facebook are only read by your friends and family.  And even some of those assholes will turn on you.  Trevor Noah, even though a comedian, is getting beat up all over the media world and the digital world because of what he said about women and Jews.

Trevor Noah,  New Host of 'The Daily Show' on Comedy Central

Trevor Noah, New Host of 'The Daily Show' on Comedy Central

Now let’s take women…not a good target these days especially after another comedian of color Bill Cosby, has been charged with rape too many times to count on my two hands and two feet.

Let’s look at those in the Jewish faith…now as much as I have my issues with Bibi Netanyahu’s dual faced run for Prime Minister of Israel wanting a two-state solution for six years then changing right before his election on that strategy.  Then with him on speaking in front of Congress along with not even wanting to be engaged in the current talks with Iran and their nuclear program along with working with the do nothing Republican Congress to propose, well nothing new as is the ongoing habit of this current Congress, well with all that you probably don’t do well in America especially in the media telling jokes about Jews.


Even with all that in mind Comedy Central is staunchly behind Trevor Noah. Gotta tell you with limited content available on Trevor Noah, the guy is damn, freaking funny.  Really funny. Will that be enough to keep…well for him to actually sit in the seat held for the last 16 years by John Stewart or will they in America lynch him out of Comedy Central?

We live is a politically correct world.  Black people can use the word “nigger” in conversation but white people can’t.  Yet white folks still think that in the year 2015 they can use that word.  Can Jews only tell jokes about Jews as was part of John Stewart’s shtick  during The Daily Show?

We will find out soon.  We will find out if Comedy Central has the balls to let this attempted lynching of Trevor Noah go away, which it always does, and move on to re-building the foundation of  The Daily Show post John Stewart.

Rick Thomas/RealTVCritics.com