Let the Lawsuits Begin, Last Night Anaheim Cops Turn California City in to a War Zone (YouTube Video)

Yes it’s time to get the law firm of Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz and the other Rabinowitz as Archie Bunker used to say on the CBS show All in the Family.  First the real Southern section of California has to deal with San Diego being the home of a mass murderer who tore apart lives in Aurora, Colorado.  Now the sleepy little city of Anaheim, California is about to become a hotbed of negative activity as police there took aim with bean bags and cop dogs to control an out of control situation in that city.

Of course, cameras were rolling on all of the action and KCAL 9, the CBS owned TV station in Los Angeles, was there recording all of the police activity.

It’s not good.


Cops did one of those chases you see on a version of the old COPS television show on FOX and the outcome did not go the way Anaheim cops nor the person chased wanted it to end.  Meaning that the suspect decided to run rather that chat with the responding officer.  For the record, police in California are in pretty good physical condition these days working out regularly and eating salads instead of cheese steak hoagies for lunch as cops do in Philadelphia.

You can’t outrun California cops.

The chase ended bad.  The guy who was chased was shot and ended up dying and the community there is up in arms, so much that cops in riot gear ended up shooting bean bags, beating up residents and finally a K9 dog got loose grabbing on to the arm of one of the residents out in the crowd.

All hell broke loose.

And the rest is going to be history.  Just watch the video.  Not pretty.



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