'Last Man Standing' with Tim Allen Back to ABC (Videos)

It’s been over 10 years since we last saw comedian Tim Allen on network television as Home Improvement shut down production in 1999.  That’s a long time for a guy who had the number one rated show on TV when it ran on ABC.

Tim Allen and Nancy Travis in 'Last Man Standing' on ABC

But Tim Allen’s movie career just blew up big time.  The Toy Story and Santa Clause trilogy of movies kept him really busy.  Until now.  Now he’s headed back to the ABC Television Network with a new comedy Last Man Standing looking for the same success he gained in the 90’s with Home Improvement.

ABC is stacked with great comedies.  Stacked.  And tonight Last Man Standing with Tim Allen is not given the great lead in that some new comedies just starting on a network get.  In fact it will be the lead in to Dancing With The Stars on ABC.  Last Man Standing gets the 8PM slot prior to DWTS with the expectation that Tim Allen will do real well on his own.

And that expectation should be achieved.  Even if some writers think the show is old and tired.

Tim Allen is really funny.  As a standup comedian, where he started his trade from Home Improvement and the movies that he’s appeared.  He’s perfectly safe in the ABC TV environment where comedies seem to be able to thrive with the success of Modern Family, The Middle and the really well produced new show Suburgatory which first two episodes were just sensational.

We’re gonna give you some links to a couple of few articles about the show but check Tim Allen out tonight on Last Man Standing.  We think it’s a hit.




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