Las Vegas PD Target Richard Grieco Produced Show on Showtime

And this may be well deserved.  I mean we do have limits, don’t we?  Seems Showtime and Gigolos producer Richard Grieco have caught the eye of the Las Vegas Police Department because of the content of the controversial show.

Richard Grieco, Producer of Showtime's 'Gigolos'

Richard Grieco, Producer of Showtime's 'Gigolos'

Gigolos is just what the title means.  Good looking guys running around taking cash for their sexual services.  Guess what?  That’s prostitution.  And now Showtime has told the so called performers on Gigolos to shut up and not talk to anyone or say anything about the show.

In tonight’s episode, a buffed out trio brings in $3,000 for working with a recently divorcee.  Yes, once again that’s prostitution.

A spokesperson for the LVPD told the New York Post “our vice section is aware of the situation”which is not good news for Showtime or Gigolos. If we can show a pattern of pandering…the show could have to answer for that.”

Check out the link from the New York Post to read more.


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