Kobe Bryant's Controversial Turkish Airlines TV Commercial Now Airs

He’s been beat up a bit over this commercial, that being Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant.  Why?  Well he’s an international sports icon and with his career on the downturn because of his aging limbs getting endorsements is the next step should he retire.  Look at Michael Jordan.

He may have picked a better airline to endorse.

Kobe Bryant and the Flight Crew from Turkish AirlinesKobe Bryant is now working for Turkish airlines and there was a big party in Los Angeles to launch the start to the commercials airing everywhere.  And the Armenian American community is still angered by Kobe’s decision to work for the airline since that country continues to refuse to recognize its involvement in the genocide of Armenians in Turkey.

No matter.  Kobe does the deal.  Now for those you who have never been to Los Angeles, there is a huge Armenian community living in this area.  Especially in Glendale.

Well we have the commercial for you.  Just for the record, it’s pretty bad.  Awful we may say.  You want to go grab something to eat rather than go to Turkey but that’s just our personal opinion.  But you be the judge.

The TV ads will air in up to 80 countries.

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