'Kate Plus 8' May Face Kid Labor Problems

kategosselinbooksigningeightlittlefaceslwu3dhj0izulThe Los Angeles Times did a story about the reality TV genre use of kids in these shows and safety issues connected with their involvement.  And that government oversight of reality TV with kids is non-existent.  There apparently are no laws or legal rules and regs at all.

Even producers cite concern and that’s a first with the type of scum that create reality programming.

Now a Pennsylvania politico is stepping in and targeting TLC’s ‘Kate Plus 8’ saying the kids working on the show are not old enough for work permits.  State rep Tom Murt wants the PA state attorney general to review the special permits the Gosselin kids are using to work on the show.  ‘Kate Plus 8’ is filmed in Wernersville just outside of Reading in the Keystone State. 

The Gosselin kids are only 6  years old and permits can only be issued for children under 7 if they are working on a movie not a television show.   Murt says those permits were granted even though the law says the kids are too young to be “working” on the show.

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