Kanye West, George Bush Feud Over, As In 'Saturday Night Live' (Video)

So the former President came out to play this past couple of weeks after the release of his new book and that brought out another guy who should have stayed away, maybe in the studio, that person is singer/rapper Kanye West.

snlbushekanyeSo now of course, Saturday Night Live gets in to the fray with one of their skits on the powerplay for television exposure from both combatants and it’s pretty well done.  Also check out Dan Abrams new MEDIAite.com site as well which has the video.  This is a pretty cool site for some unusual stories and if you don’t know the name Dan Abrams you may see him regularly on ‘The Today Show’ and MSNBC as the legal expert they bring on when the segment needs such advice.

But check out the video at this link.


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