Justin Bieber, LeAnn Rimes and Enrique Iglesias Headline Holiday Special

Throw in Nick Cannon as host along with the cast of the new ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ movie and you have one of the July 4th holiday’s hottest television programs.   It all starts at 9PM eastern on Sunday July 4th and of course there will be the nation’s fourth largest fireworks display following the concert. 

Justin Bieber

Bieber pretty much is the headliner for this televised event that will also be the prelude to his historic 75 city ‘My World’ tour, the title of his new CD. 

Iglesias has sold out concerts and gone platinum and gold with CD’sin 32  countries.  LeAnn Rimes is th youngest winner of a Grammy Award along with selling more than 37 million copies of her music.

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