Jimmy Kimmel Awesome, Safe, Fun Go Round at White House Correspondents Dinner (YouTube Video)

OK so the White House Correspondents Dinner took place at the Washington Hilton Hotel last night and as usual there were a lot of ooooh’s and aaaaah’s flying all around the ballroom last night.  Anytime this dinner invites my two favorite targets on this blog, they being Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian, well you can expect a lot of interesting chatter from those in front of the microphone.

Even the President of the United States.


President Obama was as usual perfect.  Most Presidents are pretty much perfect on this night.  It’s always fun to watch.  Even Jimmy Kimmel, who played it relatively safe with only one clear shot at President Obama, had a lot of fun with POTUS and just about everyone else.

But the White House Correspondents Dinner went off real well.  Check out the video content and see for yourself.




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