Jessica Simpson's 'Price of Beauty' Getting Makeover

After season one of ‘The Price of Beauty’ on VH1, the Jessica Simpson led reality show is in full need of a makeover.  And makeover is what it’s going to get during its second season.  If not there will probably not be a third do over for this fledgling show.

The March start of the show was dismal with only a million people tuning in each week to watch the show.  Without improvement they could be hearing the word “canceled” from the big boys and girls at VH1.  Now the plan is to focus on Jessica giving people makeovers as she did on the last episode of this past season’s show.

Jessica Simpson

Doing makeovers is a real good way get people to tune in to a reality show.  Like really can they think of something different to help?


VH1 execs say they are happy with Jessica and the show’s makeover but we’ll see if this works.  If not, Jessica might be calling her record company to work on new material.

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