"Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!" as in Springer's Big Offer to Casey Anthony?

The Jerry Springer Show is denying it but a report is flying around low end TV land that there’s a $1 million dollar offer on the table for Casey Anthony to appear on the show with one catch.  That is her parents have to appear with her along with her brother.

Can you say where do I sign up if your name is Casey Anthony?

jerry springerCasey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee earlier this week and is set to be released next weekend in to a world that despises her, her family and anything connected to the future party girl.  But the fact that she’s broke and could use a few bucks makes this a pretty low end offer.

The Jerry Springer Show is denying the offer and report which came from RadarOnline.com but if there’s any show that fits this family and Casey Anthony it certainly is The Jerry Springer Show.

Most know that Jerry Springer’s program is for trailer trash, ghetto garbage, cross-dressers who admit to boyfriends that they are too men and fathers that sleep with their daughters along with hookers who get beat up by their pimps.

Need any more to see why this is Casey Anthony territory?

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