Jeremy Lin, The Best Thing to Happen to the New York Knicks, Can't Get Props from His Own Peeps

You know certain people really need help.  You would expect comments from radio station KKK in Mississippi or Alabama but you sure would not expect to hear the sick, racist line over and over again from ESPN or from Jeremy Lin’s own broadcasting team.


Common sense no longer exists in America.  People just say things and seem not ready to understand the ramifications of their constant ignorance and idiocy.  Just makes things pretty clear and I will always say without any foundation needed that America is full of a lot of really stupid people.

The racist morons in broadcasting keep coming out in droves like New York Knick fans at Madison Square Garden as the NBA features its biggest and baddest new star in Jeremy Lin.

But idiots prevail and more idiots to come obviously.  First we have ESPN with a history of moronic activity that all you need do is search ESPN on this site and there’s enough drama than a Telemundo telenova.  Now we have the home team, an announcer for the New York Knicks, using the same phrase used by the mental midgets over at ESPN.  Spero Dedes, whoever that is because he will probably be out of work soon, used the same phrase “chink in the armor” that was used by the losers over at ESPN.

When will it ever end?  Really, when will it ever end?

“I am deeply sorry that my unfortunate words offended anyone,” said Spero Dedes after repeating the same line that got a loser over at ESPN fired.  “I apologized to Jeremy,” he continued.

When will it ever end?  Really, when will it ever end?

So instead of me trying to make sense of this mass of stupid humanity, let’s just go to the videotape.  I really don’t want to piss off anyone but Jeremy Lin is from Palo Alto, California and, I repeat “and,” went to Harvard which is so much more impressive than a couple of sports morons from ESPN or the New York Knicks broadcasting team.

When will it ever end?  Really, when will it ever end?

Jeremy Shu-How Lin.  Welcome to America.

Rick Thomas



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