Jamie Foxx Gets FOX, 'Laverne and Shirley' and TNT

Sketch comedy with an urban angle.  Sounds a lot ‘In Living Color’ again right?  Works for me.  Then Jamie Foxx is said to be working with Garry Marshall, the original producer of “Laverne and Shirley’ on a big screen version of that classic comedy.

Jamie is one busy brother isn’t he?

Jamie FoxxThe Hollywood Reporter says the Oscar award winner is headed over to FOX to produce an untitled comedy with the dudes behind MadTV helping create this new project.  And TV Guide says that the actor/comedian is also working on a big screen re-make of the 80’s comedy ‘Laverne and Shirley’ which Foxx’s people deny that he’s hooked up with Marshall to redo ABC show.

One day I will have ‘people’ like Jaime.  For now, more on the story.

Jamie Foxx is also setting up shop with TNT to produce ‘Miss Philly.’   This show looks at the city’s new police chief who happens to be a woman.  The drama takes viewers from Main Line of suburban Philadelphia to the inner city.

No talent yet named but Foxx is expected not only to produce but write parts of the show.

Rick Thomas


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