I've Watched David Gregory and David Gregory is No Tim Russert on 'Meet The Press'

That according to the New York Post.  NBC News is blasting a report by the New York city rag that says that David Gregory, host of the Sunday morning perennial news program Meet The Press is about to be dumped as the  self centered, egotistical, never walked past a mirror that he didn’t look at himself moderator of that program.

Oh this is not good news.

David Gregory host of NBC's 'Meet the Press'

David Gregory host of NBC's 'Meet the Press'

Not for David Gregory.  Not for NBC News that is in the midst of a massive battle with ABC News in the morning programming race between the Today Show and Good Morning America.  Now the battle has pit the CBS Sunday morning show Face the Nation in a big way against Meet The Press.   The CBS show hosted by old school newsman Bob Schieffer has actually been kicking Meet The Press hind quarters as David Gregory seems to be unable to fill the chair of the late Tim Russert. 

Oh my!

NBC is ripping the New York Post report a new one.  Saying that there’s no conversation whatsoever about replacing David Gregory and quite frankly I agree with the Post report.  Who the hell are they going to get to replace him?

“The rumors recklessly reported by the Daily are categorically untrue,” said NBC in a statement after the report by the New York Post. 


What’s next?  No one knows.  With all the crap going on at NBC News these days who knows what’s going on over at this network.  

So now there’s a war going on between NBC and CBS.  And we like that don’t we?

More to come. 

Gotta say I like David Gregory on Meet The Press.  Keep him NBC.  Don’t do as you normally do and screw it up.  Getting rid of Ann Curry was a smart move.  David Gregory leaving would be waving the white flag. 

Not good for NBC.

Rick Thomas



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