It's All About Philip Phillips, Winner Over Jessica Sanchez on 'American Idol'

Well Jessica Sanchez started off strong last night, then Philip Phillips came on strong as last night’s American Idol and you could tell by the audience reaction that he was going to win this year’s entry for the reality show.

Phillip Phillips performs on AMERICAN IDOL

Phillip Phillips performs on 'AMERICAN IDOL'

You could feel it in the room.  Jessica Sanchez kicked it off in fine fashion with a Whitney Houston classic and it all declined from there.  Philip Phillips just tore up the rest of his sets after a week start on American Idol and it was a tell tale story for tonight’s big win on American Idol.

Jessica Sanchez performs in front of the judges on AMERICAN IDOL

Jessica Sanchez on 'MERICAN IDOL'

Philip Phillips took home the final goal of winner on American Idol in the show’s 11th season.  Phillips is the 5th male singer to take home the final prize on American Idoland sitting next to several southern fans who really seemed to be his biggest fans, you could tell he was favored to win it all. 

American Idoljudge Steven Tyler was called Philip Phillips the next Bruce Springsteen during tonight’s finale.



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