In Need of a Makeover, 'Good Morning America' Hires 'Thirtysomething' Actor

Well he’s an actor, a director and a producer so why not work on the second ranked morning show on television, right?  Peter Horton, who if you’re an old school TV watcher flipped on ‘Thirtysomething’ on ABC back in ’87 through ’91, know the name Peter Horton.  He played Gary Shepherd on that series and now his career is taking an interesting turn on the same network’s ‘Good Morning America.’

Peter Horton and Timothy Busfield

Peter Horton and Timothy Busfield

Horton has been a consultant with ‘GMA’ hoping to give the show a makeover that will help in continuing the inch by inch creep along to catch up to ‘The Today Show.’  He will be taking a look at the aesthetics of the show including the set design, production elements and the overall show in order to make suggestions for increasing the popularity of the show with morning TV viewers.

Horton won’t be coaching the host team of George Stephanopoulous and Robin Roberts, although that might be a bit helpful.  David Westin, ABC News President, wants to keep the separation between news and entertainment at the network.

For now.



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