In An About Time Move, ABC Breaks Out Big in Late Night, Pits Jimmy Kimmel Against Leno, Letterman (Videos)

You gotta love ABC and the people running that network.  They clearly have brass ones and are in the mode that used to be left for the folks over at NBC.  Play offense, not defense.  Do things differently, don’t sit around waiting for the grass to grow around the network’s ability to be simply aggressive and take no prisoners.

Yeah that used to be NBC.

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel

Now ABC is the leader, the smarter network, the network that today is taking the legendary news program Nightline and switching it with the up and more than well coming Jimmy Kimmel who quite frankly is the most creative, smart and plain damn funniest man on television.  Now ABC is going in to the competitive late night business by putting Jimmy Kimmel in the 11:30PM time slot and taking Nightline’s news format and putting that at 12:30AM.

Wow!  You can only say wow!


With Jay Leno’s announcement that he’s cutting back on staff and taking a pay cut because his show is in the red financially, Jimmy Kimmel’s late night program’s Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s move to 11:30PM is a huge move for the talent and the network.  ABC will now compete directly with the same audience that Jay and David Letterman reach out to every night.


And Jimmy Kimmel is a come.  He’s young and a hell of a lot more pure male 18 to 49 year old targeted which will be loved by advertisers.


The move to prime-time late night takes place January 8th for Jimmy Kimmel Live.



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