"I'm gay," Says Anderson Cooper, Finally, Big Wow! No Kidding! Who the Hell Cares!

Breaking news…not.  So finally after all of this time speculating the sexual orientation of Anderson Cooper, which begs the question…don’t people in the media and America have better things to do than speculate the sexual orientation of Anderson Cooper, comes the revelation of all revelations.

Anderson Cooper is gay.

Breaking News !  Stop the presses!  Oh, yeah that’s old school rap.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

But in the world of today’s 24/7/365 news cycle, or should I say entertainment cycle, the sexual preference of Anderson Cooper seems to be top of mind.  At least in question.

No more.

Anderson Cooper finally admitted he’s gay.

Get out?

Yes the man most people already knew was gay finally admitted and outed himself officially which once again is not breaking news and once again nobody cares.  Except for the significantly low-end media types that constantly want to fill our minds with such worthless content making us no longer wonder why some states in our union graduate only50% of their high school students and no longer wonder why most resumes I receive from prospective job candidates are sent via cell phones.

Yet I’m stuck writing a story about Anderson Cooper and that he comes out telling all that he’s gay.  Really who gives a hoot but here we go.

“The fact is I’m gay, always have been, always will be,” said Anderson Cooper in an e-mail to Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Beast.  “I couldn’t be any more comfortable…with myself,” he continued.

Anderson Cooper received a lot of flak from outsiders saying he  should come out and let everyone know he’s gay.  Um maybe people should leave Anderson Cooper the hell alone and should have been asking questions about the sexual proclivity of that piece of shit Jerry Sandusky along with all of the other perverted pedophiles up at Penn State University.

Can we now leave this in the past now and move on?  Anderson Cooper is gay.  Big deal.


Rick Thomas



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