I Really Hate People Who Send Out Holiday Cards Via E-Mail...Lazy!!!

OK so this story has absolutely nothing to do with television.  “Surprise, surprise!!” one of my friend’s wife used to say when she would want to party with me…without him.

Yeah for the first time in a long time I’m taking a break from trashing the Kardashians, NBC4 Los Angeles, NBC in general and giving Lindsay Lohan a break by not talking about her or even I’ve decided to leave Charlie Sheen alone for the next week or so, maybe  through New Year’s.

Who Cares???!!!!

I’m taking my own holiday on losers and pure a#%holes.

Now I’m going to talk about other a#%holes, you know the ones that do what I think are the laziest in society in the new world order.  The digital losers who think that sending a holiday card, more direct Christmas cards via e-mail, who I consider the laziest people on the face of God’s good earth.

OK don’t get me wrong.  I don’t send out, meaning mail out, Christmas cards at all.  I guess I think this is something that’s done by people with families that want to show me the flippin’ family picture with their kids and themselves plastered on the front of those cards…those people disgust me.

But at least they took the time to go and buy cards with envelopes, some stamps, get my address and head on over to the post office to mail the cards out.  At least there was an effort.

But for you people who send out these damn digital Christmas cards, please take me off your frickin’ mailing list.


Most are business contacts so I can’t piss them off too much.  Well actually I can because the e-mailed  Christmas cards from business contacts are all from people that pretty much have no idea who hell they are, so trashing them, well I really don’t care.

But c’mon.  “Is you serious?,” as one of my ghetto rat girlfriends in Philly would say.

You lazy mofos!

Send me a real damn Christmas card like they used to send not in the old days but just a year or two ago.  Ya lazy mofos!

OK so what am I supposed to hang in my office?  A freaking e-mail!!!  No I want a card.  A real card.  And I’m pissed because I have no cards to hang in my office.

It’s lazy, lazy!

So for all of you people who think sending a Christmas card via e-mail is the cool, hip, new world thing to do, well it isn’t.  I’m telling you now that is stinks like a decomposed body on Law & Order.

OK so I had to bring it back to television.  Cause this is a TV blog.  Next year I will tell them all personally that they suck if they send out a Christmas card digitally.

Lazy!!! Lazy!!!

Rick Thomas

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