"I feel like bustin' loose, bustin' loose!" As Funkmaster Chuck Brown of the Soul Searchers Passes

What a dance song!  I can remember playing this song under one of my many names as a mobile deejay.  Was it Mobile One Disc Jockeys?  Or when I was called Magic Music Deejays and received a cease and desist from the attorneys for Greater Media’s WMGK.  Seems at 20 something years of age I was clearly unaware of infringement issues so that’s when I changed the name to the Mobile One Deejay thing.


Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers hit song Bustin’ Loose was one of those dance tunes, a 12 inch record that you could just put on and easily get those at any party to get up no the floor and shake your ass.

Today the name of Chuck Brown will only be heard as a member of the past.  At 75 years of age, the man who we can’t call a legend on a worldwide basis but we can term Chuck Brown that in the Washington DC black neighborhoods, has passed away.

“His songs connected the city,” said Chris Richards writer for the Washington Post.  Chuck Brown termed his music “go-go” because if you listen to Chuck Brown’s Bustin’ Loose, that’s all the song did when you played it.  It just kept going and going.

After listening to Chuck Brown’s Bustin’ Loose, I can easily say I really feel like busting loose.

RIP Chuck Brown.

 Rick Thomas



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