Hubris, Ego of Hollywood Actors, Ed O'Neill 'Modern Family' and Rob Lowe 'Parks and Recreation'

I guess these people want us to feel sorry for them.  Well let’s say this at the start.  There’s no love lost for some of these people.  These are stories I don’t like to write.  Because I really like Ed O’Neill and Rob Lowe after watching this video.   I’ve always liked their work.  O’Neill in Married With Children, his best role.  Even in the makeover of Dragnet, for the limited time it ran.  He does good work.

And Rob Lowe, well the list goes on and on.  Parks and Recreation currently, Brothers and Sisters which I never watched on the chick network ABC but he’s perfect for that show.  And of course The West Wing, a great show on NBC.  But when they start to bitch and moan about salaries they are offered in Hollywood, in this economy, when I have to watch The Today Show’s Al Roker work with some really great corporations helping regular people who live paycheck to paycheck, these two actors have turned themselves in to real jerks.

Ed O'Neill from 'Modern Family' and Rob Lowe from 'Parks and Recreation'

Ed O'Neill from 'Modern Family' and Rob Lowe from 'Parks and Recreation'

Watch the video from The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Emmy Comedy Actor Roundtable and you’d be shocked if you’re a fan of both performers and listen to the whine about $40,000 for six weeks worth of work.  What person in America would turn down $40,000 for six weeks of work?  Nobody, right?  And I don’t blame them.  My issue is with The Hollywood Reporter.  For even making these actors talk on the topic.

We all believe we deserve whatever we deserve for our services.  I get the reason why Ed O’Neill turned down the role he was offered by HBO for his work on that project.  But remember Ed and Rob who watches your show.  This might be a time to tamp down your ego and understand that the majority of your viewers may be lucky to make $40,000 in a full year let alone six weeks.

Not a smart move by either performer.  Especially O’Neill.  He has the most to lose should Modern Family tank which is always on board for any show.  Because, well he’s old.  Right now he’s grabbing $90,000 per episode for the ABC hit show and his salary is expected to jump up to $150,000 an episode because of his history on Married With Children.  He’s a funny guy.  But it may be smart to shut the hell up and collect your $1 million salary per year and not piss off your viewers.

We can all say this, Ed, with full confidence that people are suffering in this economy and no one feels sorry for you right now at your salary with Modern Family.  And viewers, though the show is very funny and produced impeccably, won’t cut you a break for complaining about someone making a million dollars a year.

Rob Lowe?  At least he’s pretty.  So he’s gonna be around for a while.  But still there’s no love lost for either performer after watching this video.  You judge for yourself.  But Ed O’Neill really comes off like a real asshole.


Rick Thomas

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