How Cool is This 'DomiCopter' The New Drone Delivery System Coming from Domino's (YouTube Video)

OK every once in a while there’s something cool on the internet.  Every once in a while there’s a really good idea that you’ll say “why didn’t I think of that” when it comes to the new delivery system they are testing at Domino’s.

Think of this…your pizza getting delivered by a drone instead of a real human being driving around town in a beat up car attempting to get to your house in 30 minutes and pretty much causing more accidents than getting pizzas to you on time.

Well Domino’s has the idea.


It won’t work.  As I wrote on one blog today the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker will be right on hand when one of these things crashes down on someone but there are some neighborhoods where this could really work.  Think some suburban areas where the closes pizza joint or Domino’s is a few miles away and there’s nothing but hills and farms around.  This could really work there.

The DomiCopter I gotta say is really cool.  But the first time one of those things comes crashing and burning to the ground it’s going to be all hell for Domino’s.  But this thing from my standpoint is really pretty cool.

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