Hoverboards...Have You Seen These Things Yet? Watch This YouTube Video, Check Out This Link to Buzzfeed

OK so a couple of weeks ago I’m doing my speed walk down Wilshire Boulevard here in Los Angeles and I see this 20 something brotha cruising up and down the street on this thing called a Hoverboard.

What the hell is a Hoverboard?

I had no clue.  So being nosy I just had to stop him and chat with him about this two-footed gizmo that was powered for him to put two feet on and motorize himself up and down Wilshire Boulevard.  Now I’ve seen the ones where you stand on them and steer them with handlebars.  This thing has no handlebars.




And now after a bit of research Lexus is now selling a Hoverboard that seems to float rather than roll.


Now here’s the danger.  I go on Buzzfeed today and see a story titled “16 Reasons Why No One Should Ever Walk Again” which is a humorous look at videos of people who jump on a Hoverboard and end up on their asses because they have no clue how to manage a Hoverboard.  Scroll down this article and you will simple crack the hell up.

Buzzfeed’s 16 Reasons Why No One Should Ever Walk Again

Mark Cuban Sues Over Hoverboards

But this seems to be the new thing.  The new way to get around.  For those who can also manage their balance.  But this technology is freaking cool.  In addition the other link is from TMZ.com  as Mark Cuban is suing over the patent for these Hoverboards.  Still pretty freaking cool.

Rick Thomas