Hot, Rich Guys Summer Surgical Procedures in the Hamptons? Vasectomies Lead Over Everything! (New York Post Article)

It’s summer time in the Hamptons! Yes the summer has begun and hot, well off dudes who are making their bones with the ladies in the Hamptons. Check out this article in the New York Post. These dudes who are banging chicks like crazy during this summer are changing their tune as to not get caught up with so called ‘goldiggers’ looking to get knocked up by these rich guys.


These men are opting out for vasectomies. Yes vasectomies. Read the story below and you’ll see them doing this procedure. It is reversible though most thought the word “golddigger” was at thing of the past. Read the New York Post story at the link below.

Guys Getting Vasectomies to Avoid Knocking Up Golddigers