Hollywood is Hell, So is Ellen Barkin, But Do You Have to Burn Down the Whole Dang City!!!

“I hate America,” says the arsonist who got arrested this morning for starting something like 50 fires over the last week in Hollywood.

Good on two counts.  First it’s nothing personal.  Yeah we all thought this guy was starting fires because he watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and got upset with the content.  Or was he upset at the winner of the first round of the X Factor on FOX and was showing his support for one of the losing contestants.  Or was he ticked at KTLA’s Henry DiCarlo after his meltdown last week or had any issues just in general with NBC4 here in Los Angeles.  Hey I even have to admit that NBC4’s news content has become a lot easier to take after someone over there finally figured out that this is Los Angeles and putting more Latino faces on the air in DMA that is 60%, well Latino is probably a good idea.


But Hollywood fear not.  “I hate America,” says the perp who got busted this morning at Sunset and Fairfax sitting in a van.  Yeah right near the Rite Aid where I pick up my prescriptions.

Thank God I already have my Viagra handy.  Could have been a problem.

You know the next time a real jerk like crabby, old, has been like Ellen Barkin screws around with a NYPD cop, let’s all think of the great work the LAPD group did here in Los Angeles by working around the clock to get this arson asshole off the streets of the City of Angels.  Or the next time a local news anchor decides to no doubt blow double the legal alcohol limit in most counties if asked yet still seems to aggravate a member of the NYPD, think of the work the great cops did here in Los Angeles to get the previous “person of interest” now the person under arrest for setting 55 fires in the last ten days.

“I hate America,” he apparently says according to ABC News and starting burning up cars and carports all over Hollywood and North Hollywood in protest of his mother being deported so he decided to take it out on all of us gifting the LA popul0us with sleepless nights, not knowing whether we’d be driving to work in the morning or taking the subway.

Yes, we do have a subway here in Los Angeles.  I’ve lived here for almost 7 years and didn’t know Los Angeles had a subway for most of that time.

So now we may be able to sleep.  We can stop blaming Kim Kardashian and family because the German national who has been playing cops versus arson fire setter is under arrest.  No more need to have Ellen Barkin harass cops anymore, anywhere.  No need for TV news anchors to get their drink on and verbally mess with good cops all over America.

You know on a personal note, I don’t like cops.  And to be more personal I know a lot of them in my hometown back in Philly.  Kathy, Charlie, the guys that used to come in my coffee shop to protect me from whom or whatever.  There was Kenny who used to take me to the bank for deposits when I would walk away with 5 figures in cash from a big night at my comedy club.  Um, well Kenny is no longer on the force.  Something about tipping of North Philly drug dealers before the busts went down is an issue on any police force.  Yeah these were my friends and I don’t like cops.  Just being a brother and except for my interaction with the names above, society gives the most uneducated, limited judgment carrying people the highest level of freedom to take the life of someone else and do it legally.  So yeah I don’t like cops.  But I don’t deal with the likes of Ellen Barkin either.  And I gotta give cops their props, after doing what they did to keep my car from going up in flames.

Who you gonna call when you need help, Ghostbusters?

Rick Thomas

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