He's Back! It's All Steven Seagal, All The Time with 'True Justice' This Weekend on Reelz

OK so this is definitely going to be a guy’s weekend.  Some college and pro hoops, right?  Yeah, but not really.  Baseball’s coming back?  Yeah but who cares, right?  Yeah who cares.  It’s about that Reelz Channel which gave us The Kennedy’s and now is starting a new drama starring the guy we all like to see slap around criminals and other low-end persons for some 40 movies which according to Steven Seagal brought in over $3 billion in sales.

And not one Oscar out of the 40 films.  Big deal I say.

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Steven Seagal in Reelz Channel's 'True Justice'

When the Wall Street Journal does a story on the money-making martial arts expert known as Steven Seagal, well that means you’ve kind of made it.  And Reelz Channel is jumping on the bandwagon where A&E latched on to by working with Seagal on the cop drama True Justice which premieres Friday night with many additional showings over the weekend.

True Justice is based in Seattle.  Yes, people there is crime in Seattle.  Now they may be a bit overzealous on the way True Justice is described on the Reels.com web-site as “On the streets of Seattle, everyday is a war.”

Yes that’s a bit much.

Sarah Lind is 'Deputy Sarah Montgomery' in 'True Justice'

Sarah Lind is 'Deputy Sarah Montgomery' in 'True Justice'

But Steven Seagal plays Elijah Kane, team leader of a five person undercover group of cops who bend the law, not break it as one of the quotes in the promo video says.  I like this one on the website.  “Only the bravest will survive.  If you are on the wrong side, they are coming after you.”


Really thought those people working at Microsoft in Seattle were really nice people.  Guess not according to the description of Steven Seagal’s True Justice.

The rest of the cast of characters…well pretty much a lot of new faces for you to watch.  A couple of hotties, one other white guy and of course one black guy because there’s probably only one black guy living in Seattle.  But you gotta love Reelz Channel for having the urge to hook up with Steven Seagal.  The network’s male viewership will go outta the roof this weekend with not only True Justice but a couple of other Seagal focused movies like Above the Law, a backgrounder on the martial arts crime fighter along with a behind the scenes special on the making of True Justice.

Rick Thomas

Bottle of Dewars and lots of ice!  It’s Steven Seagal all the time this weekend on Reelz!



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